Creating Wealth Through Unconventional Wisdom

Resilient Financial fuses proven and vetted sophisticated wealth, retirement and cash strategies with genuine results for those seeking real control of their money with consistent returns on their investment.

Your Full Spectrum of Proven Financial Alternatives

We partner with our clients by providing them with lifestyle and liquidity. We implement alternative investment methodologies to drive portfolio performance again and again.
We call this our 360º Prism. A holistic wealth management methodology that provides you with consistent returns on investment and real control of your money.
Resilient Financial is a high-end boutique wealth firm ready to assist you with your financial needs.


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If you want to setup the retirement of your dreams, then stop listening to all the LIES like "Max out your IRA or 401(k) because you will be in a lower tax bracket when you retire."


If you are an entrepreneur, saver, or spender, then you need to uncover the LIES about hidden interest rates that banks NEVER want you to know. It is costing you a fortune.


If you want a mortgage for your next home that makes you richer than the bank or mortgage company, then you need to watch this!


I want to have more control than Wall Street over my investments and know the hidden truths about how the broker is making a TON of money off of me!

Your Team

Resilient Financial has assembled a team of financial experts to assist you in all of your financial needs.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Meeting Rusty was life changing. He has completely changed the way I think about money with his education first approach. For example learning the difference between "interest rate" and "volume of interest" will be a difference maker in your life. My friends I've sent to Rusty have thanked me numerous times.
James W.
Winery Owner
Rusty is a gifted financial planner -- not just investment strategies and risk management -- he also ensures a holistic approach to portfolio management, tax optimization strategies and anticipating family impact in the unfortunate loss of a loved one. Furthermore, Rusty is a high-integrity individual that I trust. He focuses on the best, tailored strategy for the client without regard to commission implications that impact him personally.
Don P.
CFO, Gen 3 Movie Productions
Five years ago after loosing my husband was the estate sale. And because of you and connecting me to Gena it so doable vs without your wisdom, your knowledge, support and generosity will always be cherished & never be forgotten. Thank you Rusty.
Resilient Financial has been instrumental in showing me how to gain more from my investments. They’ve shown me how the tax rate works and how much I was losing in fees from traditional investments, 401s and IRAs. These folks are diligent in their research and application with your financial needs. I am looking forward to becoming more retired then semi-retired sooner than I thought possible.
Zack K.
United States Marine, Retired
Rusty was one of the first financial professional I met 20 yrs ago. When he first approached me he greeted me with kindness knowledge and had a heart of gold. Rusty has helped me grow my business to what it is today. Rusty has helped us invest and prepare for our retirement. I know I can pick up the phone and call my friend anytime.
Debra L.
Medical Professional
We had a general plan on when we could retire. Rusty took our numbers and showed us how we could retire years earlier and with more money than we thought we had. All while saving money on taxes and planning a legacy for our kids and grandchildren.
A Retired Green Beret
I’ve known Rusty Welch on a personal and professional basis for at least 35 years. Knowing him personally was always a pleasure as we had so much in common in our youth. Knowing him on a professional level has taken the relationship to new heights. Rusty has been very successful because he knows how to make money and compound money for clients in a professional manner. No wild and crazy schemes. Just plain smart investing with great returns. Give him a try. You won’t regret it!
Sue H.
Sounds cliche, however Rusty really is someone who can be trusted. He was introduced to me through friends, who knew I really needed help. I had recently been widowed and my husband had set up investment accounts through his employer that had done very well. So I had moved those accounts to a large investment firm that really wasn’t the safest place for my money. Those were very aggressive accounts that were highly taxed along with nice commissions for the account manager!

I am totally naive and have no knowledge about investments or stock market and totally devoid of any financial experience. Rusty helped me in so many ways rather than taking advantage of my lack of experience he helped me move my money into safe, less aggressive and non taxable accounts. Rusty has had lots of experience in the financial world and knows how it all works. Rusty’s goal is to make sure I will no longer be taken advantage of and explains and teaches his clients along the way so you can begin to understand what is happening with your money and he does it in a respectable not condescending way. Rusty is refreshingly honest, he is accountable and is not just out for large commissions, he actually cares for his clients and wants them to do well, be happy and not taken advantage of.

He can also refer knowledgeable, honest people, you can trust, for various other aspects in your life such as home loans and life insurance. Rusty really is easy to talk to. Gives great advice and He is open and straight with you. Rusty is a true Christian man who respects others and lives and works according to The Golden Rule!